What makes Vruddhi the Best Rebar Couplers Supplier in India

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Rebar couplers, used in reinforced concrete structures for replacing conventional rebar lap joints, are getting the wide-scale attention of engineers and consultants. These allow connecting reinforcement bars swiftly. The reinforcement bars of various diameters and grades can be connected through mechanical jointing. Rebar coupling or rebar splicing solutions are available for the particular requirements as per construction type. Kosmo couplers, being manufactured by the leading rebar couplers manufacturer in Mumbai, extend the benefits of incorporating new technology to strengthen concrete reinforcement.

Vruddhi – Leading Rebar Couplers Supplier in India

The most searches for rebar couplers manufacturer in Gujarat, rebar couplers supplier in Bangalore, rebar couplers supplier in Hyderabad or rebar couplers supplier in Pune rest at Vruddhi steel private limited, Mumbai. The ISO-9001:2015 accredited rebar couplers manufacturer in India has advanced facilities to produce and supply the rebar couplers of desired type and specifications. The company is widely known for supplying  the following premium range of rebar couplers under the brand name Kosmo-

  • Cold forged couplers
  • Parallel threaded couplers
  • Tapered couplers
  • Grouting couplers
  • MBT bolted couplers
  • Transition couplers ….

Quality Makes Kosmo Rebar Couplers a Versatile Choice

Using the quality best rebar couplers for jointing reinforcement bars to strengthen concrete contention is the prime concern of engineers. Over the years, Kosmo has become a premium brand trusted by architects and consultants all across India because of adopting new technologies for providing cost-effective concrete reinforcement solutions. Each Kosmo rebar coupler has unique code marking for end-to-end traceability. Kosmo Rebar couplers are IS 16172, ACI 318, and BS 970 compliant in addition to several other quality parameters. Each rebar coupler go through the robust quality checks in different domains-

  • Chemical composition test
  • Elongation test
  • Static tensile test
  • Slip test

Vruddhi Offers Ready To Use Reinforcement Couplers

Kosmo Cold Forged Couplers,  manufactured using EN8D material, are IS 16172 compliant.  Available in 16 mm to 40mm sizes, these are tested for minimum of 600 Mpa tensile strength. Kosmo transition couplers are used to splice reinforcement bars of different diameters. Kosmo transition couplers are available in parallel threading and tapered threading designs. Kosmo parallel threaded couplers, designed with parallel threading and tested for 550 to 700 MPa UTS, are IS 16172 compliant. Kosmo MBT bolted couplers provide freedom from threading and rebar end preparation. The bolted couplers are a type of mechanical sockets where reinforcement bars are connected with bolts; these reinforcement couplers are finding increasing applications in piling work, column splicing, bridges, etc. Vruddhi tapered couplers, designed with internal tapered threads, withstand axial and horizontal forces at the same time. These are used to connect reinforcement bars of the same or different sizes.

Concluding Note

With increasing awareness about rebar couplers, the construction industry is looking for the best dependable and capable rebar couplers manufacturer and supplier in India. Vruddhi offers all that a user needs – ease of usage, on-time supply, on-site rebar coupling solutions, the widest range, premium quality, competitive prices, and prompt support.

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