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The construction industry is the biggest beneficiary of rebar couplers. Itdemands immense expertise, timely work and quality rebarthreading services. We would like you to focus on our approach to help your infra-projects to start and complete on time. As experienced and quality conscious manufacturers we meet your requirements for the construction of RCC Structure with meticulous and timely threading services.


Vruddhi Couplers are widely used in Indiaand the company’s timely threading services is built on customer satisfaction for many years. This post offers an insight on the way we work and manage projects onsite. The content also features tips on buying rebar couplers and its potential in project construction.



Rebar couplers applications are favoured in reinforced concrete structures. They replace normal lap joints. A coupler joint comprises of two threaded rebars joint by a threaded sleeve.When implementing the formwork onsite, all rebar lap joints are replaced by coupler splices.


In order to understand the threading service, you will need to know types of rebar couplers also called mechanical splicers.


In the chart below, Kindly mention four types as

Cold Forged Couplers

Roll Threaded Couplers

Tapered Couplers

Bolted Couplers

Grouting Couplers

Kindly Remove the types mentioned below(I have done the changes)

Rebar couplers

According to the type pf couplers chosen, threading services is provided on site.Vruddhi Couplers has a skilled team with many years of experience to handle all challenges associated with onsite machine mobilization and threading.


The parallel threaded version is ideal when the volume of couplers is high for the project. In this case the cut rebars are subjected to hydraulic pressure. The cold forging process ensures enlargement of the TMT Bars (Rebars). Subsequently, the TMT bars are threaded as per the pitch and length of coupler. As the diameter of Rebar is enlarged and then threaded,  the joint becomes stronger and safer.The ends of the threaded section are further protected by external plastic cap. We provide couplers of uneven diametric sizes also. Third party testing is conducted to ensure that the Coupler Joints satisfy the requirements of IS 16172.

Rebar couplers


Rebar couplers

The processes are involved for cold forged couplers and parallel threaded couplers.


  • In case of cold forged couplers, the steps followed are:

Forging, Threading and Splicing.


  • In case of parallel threaded couplers, the steps followed are:

Rib Peeling, Threading and Splicing.


When you buy the rebars from Vruddhi Couplers we present the best quality which focuses on:


  • Optimal Tensile strength
  • Durability and reliability of onsite services
  • Testing & Pricing
  • The quality tests include static tensile strength, chemical composition test, Slip Test, Elongation Test, 100 Cycles Test, Low Cycle Fatigue Test


Our threading services involve on-site safety when the construction is in progress. Ourteam will look out for the following to maintain safety during operations:


  • Checking of threaded rebars as per technical specification. No protruding rebar is used


  • Only experienced and skilled personnel are deployed, and rigorous supervision is conducted by supervisor.


  • Safety Kit is worn by the technicians while working


  • Isolated components of concrete and construction joints are created without the drilling via shuttering.


  • One of the biggest advantages of rebar couplers is the reduction of dependency on steel. They are environmentally friendly and better than lapping.


Vruddhi couplers come with quality control and are designer friendly. We offer customized products to improve the concrete flow and consolidation. Let’s talk about your requirement today.








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