How is Vruddhi Couplers bringing innovative solutions for the construction industry?

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Infrastructure projects in India are rapidly undergoing changes with composite designs. New materials and higher demand for reinforcement for projects have prompted manufacturers of rebar couplers to improvise their product portfolio. They are alternatives to lap slicing required for reinforcing bars.          

Vruddhi Couplers is progressively improving and bringing innovative solutions to the construction industry’s demands. Our aim is to provide sustainability, safety, and adherence to OPEX costs.

This post explains to prospective customers how we continuously meet challenges to bring efficiency, high performance, and connectivity of rebars for construction needs.

We re-imagine engineered rebar products

Right from the inception of the business, our aim has been to produce rebar couplers that are reliable and meet customer requirements. Over the years our cold forged couplers, crimping couplers, tapered couplers, bolted and hydraulic crimping  couplers have exhibited characteristics of high grade and compliance to standard codes.

Although joining rebars with couplers is not a very new process. But our engineering team often looks for design ideas for specific projects. The mechanical splicing processes are precisely created to behave like one continuous unit. Our experienced and professional team is equipped with best in class equipment for providing  the best threading system for rebars.

Reducing congestion in RCC members is important for buildings that reach sky heights. Congestion occurs when the steel-to-concrete ratio is high. The challenge is to keep the structural integrity intact. Vruddhi Rebar couplers ensure de-congestion in members, along with consolidated and improved concrete flow. We enable structural integrity with continuous reinforcement though our rebar couplers.

The rebar coupling for cold forged, parallel and tapered designs involves:

  • Desired Length flat-cutting of Rebars
  • Cold forging (as the case may be)
  • Threading
  • Coupler fixing

We ensure there is no thread mismatch or cross threading.

Benefits of our Mobile Van Threading Services

threaded rebar couplers-mobile threading service
Working with many prestigious clients we have introduced this service which is a time-saver. The forging machine and threading machines have been installed on mobile vehicles. Swift and on-site threading service is the need of the hour for projects to be completed with efficiency and within tight deadlines. We have a large fleet of vehicles to provide threaded rebars on-time as per stringent quality assurance plan. We take care of all the hassles. Rebar couplers saves money per rebar joint as compared to lapping. But in cases where the project has lesser number of joints or only lower diameter of rebar (16 and 20 mm) to be spliced than the overheads and fixed rental of mobilized threading machines nullifies all the cost saving.  In such a scenario, on-site mobile threading Van is a boon as it enables smaller sites to take advantage of cost saving by use of rebar couplers.

The prime benefits our Mobile Van customers enjoy are mentioned below.

  • Useful for congested site
  • No permanent space allocation is required
  • No fixed monthly rental
  • No Overheads
  • Ease of working
  • Ideal for job sites with a lesser number of rebar joints
  • Enables smaller sites to take advantage of cost-saving

Vruddhi Couplers has  years of extensive expertise and market knowledge.

Our quality control in the manufacturing plant for Rebar Coupelrs

  1. Dimension Check of Couplers
  2. Check cross threading
  3. Use of Go Gauges
  4. Use of No-Go Gauges
  5. ID Marking on Couplers for Traceability
  6. Chemical composition test

Our manufacturing unit meets all the quality standards and testing parameters for rebar coupler systems.

Vruddhi Steel Private Limited is aiming to be a leader in designing, execution, and consulting in the field of rebar coupler system in India. We support our ambitious construction partners on site. You are welcome to collaborate with our engineering team to bring your vision to reality.


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