Seismic performance of rebar coupler systems

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Seismic performance of rebar coupler systems
Focus on slender structures and high rise buildings

Threaded reinforcing bars are indispensable in the field of construction. They do not require any additional screwing process to be connected securely. However, when it comes to specific construction projects rebar coupler system should withstand testing procedures. There are possibilities of cracks developing around the edges of the mechanical coupler. The stiffness weakens and the structure cannot remain strong for long. Under tension-compression and cyclic loading tolerance is faithfully measured.

Vruddhi Steel Private Limited is an experienced manufacturer with a wide-ranging portfolio of rebar coupler products. Testing is integral before the couplers are used at the job site. A seismic performance of spliced threaded rebar couplers is a mandatory requirement to establish the suitability and performance of couplers before using them for a project.  The seismic performance is tested using low cycle fatigue test (10,000 cycles of fatigue loading).  Vruddhi Rebar couplers have been tested and withstand the low cycle fatigue test in compliance with IS 16172, ISO 15835 and other international standards. This makes Vruddhi Couplers suitable for high rise buildings, slender and stack-like structures in India.

Projects located in areas where earthquakes are probable require appropriate structures. Rebar couplers also need to withstand the actual requirements. Hence stringent tests are conducted to ensure its strength and performance. The same also applies for high rise buildings (skyscrapers) and slender buildings to ensure structural integrity. Over the life cycle of a project, degradation of concrete takes place and the load transfer between lapped rebars is impacted and it may prove fatal. But when Vruddhi Rebar couplers are used to splice two rebars, load transfer is independent of the grade of concerete and improves the life cycle of the project.

Keeping an eye on ductility of the seismic design according to IS 16172 defines the principle elongation of measurement. The measurement refers to the percentage of elongation force as defined by the standard code of the building requirement. The bar should not be reduced in capacity which will result in stress. The entire system should have the ultimate tensile strength after undergoing the low cycle fatigue test.

Across India, rebar couplers should at least comply with the following tests as per IS 16172 guidelines.

  • Low Cycle fatigue Test
  • Static tensile Test
  • SlipTest
  • Cyclic Tensile Test

The fatigue strength enables the system to perform at its best. The tests are carried out for spliced rebar coupler samples. The Rebar diameters taken into consideration are 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm.

Vruddhi Rebar Couplers Compliances:

ISO 9001:2005 complaint manufacturing plant

Couplers Compliant with IS Code 16172:2014

UIN Number for end – to – end Traceability

Production Capacity: 24 Lakhs per annum

Stringent quality check parameters

It is important for us as manufacturers to help customers reduce the OPEX costs by ensuring rebar couplers that meet all protocols for strong structures. Vruddhi Couplers team will be glad to offer sustainable solutions related to any seismic performance projects you need to safely build.

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