Top features to look for in Indian rebar couplers

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There are several features to choose from when it comes to the new generation of rebar couplers. With the emergence of new construction projects in India, manufacturers have stepped in to offer the best solutions for concrete walls and columns. As India builds modern structures with amazing architectural values, real estate developers look for better-designed coupler systems.

Vruddhi Couplers provides integral and flexible systems. Since we have been manufacturing different couplers, looking for the best features can be daunting. We make the process simpler through this valuable information for structural engineers.

Key takeaways to consider


  • Purpose of fitting specific rebar systems
  • Quality of couplers and traceability to the origin
  • Durability and reliability for structural integrity
  • Compliance with IS 16172 in India
  • Are Rebars cold forged?
  • Ready support of engineers for on-site demands
  • Reference list
  • Knowledge of which rebar system is useful for your project


What do structural engineers ask us?


It is always the quality of the rebar and its purpose that makes the difference to an under-construction project. Structural engineers are experts when it comes to selecting the right rebars and asking questions that clarify the system required. Having a great tensile strength, elongation and threading methodology is a prime consideration in a good quality rebar coupler. It eventually reflects on the strength of the building standing for a long time. Durability is another factor that cannot be compromised.


Look for compliance to IS 16172 in India for validity. Once all these factors are covered then the prices can be discussed for further business. Low fatigue cycle, cyclic tensile test, and slip tests are conducted to ascertain the reliability of the rebar coupler product range.  Superior cyclic performance cannot be ignored which is yet another identifiable feature of a reputed rebar coupler. Proper certifications again should be the proof for enabling the top features to stand out.


It is also important that the rebar couplers can be traced back to their origins. Vruddhi Couplers have full historical data to trace rebar couplers to the production batch in the facility. The process flow control ensures that the structural engineers are aware of the accurate manufacturing process being used. We have dependable operators who are trained to make well-matched rebar threads with consistency.


Cold-forging is an integral part of our process flow for rebar threading which gives strength to the couplers. There is no compromise on the tensile strength or effect on the overall performance of the coupling. We use high-productivity machines that help create products for seismic regions. Vruddhi rebar couplers is a full performance (tension / compression / cyclic / fatigue) rebar splicing system.


Vruddhi Steel Limited is a company serving new India’s modern projects. Our team is continuously designing quality and custom threaded rebars couplers and tapering sleeves. We use bolt rebar technology in our well-equipped manufacturing plant.


Our products are characterised by:


  • Quick installation
  • High tensile strength
  • Traceability


We have a full range of services for reliable and uninterrupted supply of:


  • Tapered threaded
  • Parallel threaded
  • Mechanically bolted couplers
  • Hydraulic Press Couplers


Our engineers provide the services and support while your project is in progress. They will ensure that there is no delay due to installations or costly mistakes.


If you wish to make a connection with our engineering team let us know. Our consultancy services are free.

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