Rebar Cold Forging Machine

Cold forging machines are used for forging of rebars. The rebars are later threaded and mechanically spliced with cold forged couplers. Cold forged couplers are widely used in the construction industry. Cold forged couplers are known for providing excellent strength.

Cold forging is a process for metal shaping & manufacturing. In this process Rebars are into a die and squeezed by hydraulic pressure. The process is carried out at the room temperature or below the metal’s recrystallization temperature.

This is more effective compared to casting or machining because the product that comes out is of superior quality. Rebar Forging Machine consists of Hydraulic cylinder and Power Pack


Forging Capacity - 12 mm to 40 mm

EN8D Material used for manufacturing

Motor: 5 HP 3 Phase

Hydraulic System: Ukan Poly Hydra

Working Pressure: 350 Bar

Reliable and offer high production ratio

Offers high standards of products


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