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About Vruddhi Coupler

Vruddhi Engineering Works Limited caters to the need for mechanical splicing solutions in the construction Industry. Formerly known as Kosmo Venture, we are a leading supplier and exporter of Rebar Couplers backed by vast experience and expertise. We provide end to end mechanical splicing solutions ranging from design, testing, logistics and rebar threading. Vruddhi Engineering Works Limited is ISO-9001:2015 accredited.

Conventional Splicing

Mechanical Splicing

Vruddhi Rebar Couplers are suitable to join the reinforcement bars end to end. Couplers are an efficient alternative for traditional lap splice or overlapping joints. Cost benefit analysis show that use of threaded rebar couplers is a cost effective method as compared to old method of lap splicing / overlapping joints.

Vruddhi Rebar Couplers are readily available for rebar diameter ranging from 16 mm to 40mm. We can customize our products to meet your specific requirement.


Cost saving – Lesser steel consumption

Higher UTS than that of parent rebar

Shortens project timeline

No torque wrench required

Solves bar congestion

Improvement in concrete flow

Rebar Cold Forging Machine
Cold Forging Machines
Rebar Rolled Parallel Threaded

On-site Threading Services

To facilitate the use of Vruddhi Couplers, we offer on-site threading service. Our skilled and experienced workforce shall take care of all the hassles associated with on-site machine installation and rebar threading.

Quality Assurance

Our ISO-9001:2015 certified facilities deploy best-in-class technology to deliver superior coupler system. Vruddhi Rebar Couplers are produced from carbon steel (mild steel) with minimum tensile strength of 600 MPa. Vruddhi Rebar couplers comply with strict technical specifications and governing standards of ACI 318, BS 970, IS 16172:2014 among others.

Quality Certifications

1) Chemical Composition Test

2) Elongation Test

3) Static Tensile Test

4) Slip Test

Awesome Clients We Work With

At Vruddhi, we understand that each of our customers is unique. We have and extensive portfolio of products that satisfy the needs of our customers regardless of the nature and size of the business.


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